The world has been forever changed by the spread of COVID-19 as lockdown orders continue and companies across the globe have been closed or had their employee schedules altered in some capacity. Here is a look at how some major players in the electronics industry are responding to the crisis.

Most corporations have issued statements regarding COVID-19 and how their business is being affected by it. Links to these statements are commonly found front and center on the homepage of a company’s website.

Major global manufacturers have implemented a series of risk management protocols in addition to state and nationally mandated guidelines. For example, one of the world’s largest manufacturers of memory products, has mandated that any employee who has recently traveled by air or sea must self-quarantine for 14 days. The company has also taken steps to prevent non-essential contact by closing off its sites to external visitors including vendors and suppliers unless there is a business-critical need for an in-person meeting. One piece of information that particularly stands out the most in the statement is the fact that every individual who enters a company facility will be screened for symptoms including fever and respiratory impairment. If a person shows any signs of symptoms known to be related to COVID-19, they will not be permitted to enter.

Other companies are additionally offering a glimpse into their humanitarian responses:

“In Korea, among the first countries hit, we provided local authorities a company facility to operate as a care center for patients to assist with the country’s containment efforts. Also, our engineering teams are working with companies in Korea that produce face masks to help them boost production by improving factory layouts and manufacturing processes, and in some cases, are creating molds for mask production.” -Samsung’s statement on COVID-19

They are not the only company that has allotted resources toward Corona virus recovery equipment. Among others, Tesla, Ford, and GM have pledged to convert automotive parts in their US facilities such as fans and batteries for use in the production of respirators, ventilators, and even face masks.

Dyson, a company known for producing innovative vacuums and hand dryers, has begun work on a new type of ventilator that will specifically address the needs of Covid-19 patients. The company founder says that these new machines will be manufactured, “quickly, and efficiently and at volume”.

It is true that the world will never be the same as it once was, but the willingness for people across the globe to work together to address this pandemic is a positive thing that our world will hopefully be able to build on. NetSource Technology will continue to keep the safety of its employees and the satisfaction of its customers as its top priorities. Let our procurement team be the solution to your sourcing needs.


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