With more than two decades of catering to OEM’s and contract manufacturers worldwide, we realize that no two organizations are exactly alike.  

We aim to be our customers’ preferred expert and adviser across many industries, and we work hard to anticipate ongoing needs to ensure that we deliver only relevant and timely solutions, products and services.  Our collaborative expertise is shared across industries and geographies to harness the power of our global network.

We are focused on what matters most to your business.

  • Automotive
    The automotive industry is one of the fastest growing with valuation in the hundreds of billions of dollars and is expected to expand over the coming years.  Fueling this growth is the advancement of autonomous (self-driving) + electric cars – and the many components that comprise them. NetSource is your partner for component shortages + hard to find sourcing requests.   We are stocked and turnkey ready to deliver.
  • Mobile  
    The use of mobile devices is exponentially increasing and 5G is positioned to provide revolutionary, next-generation mobile internet connectivity.  NetSource is equipped. We can stock + source all mobile and 5G components today.
  • Medical
    Few industries are as “mission critical” as organizations who develop medical devices.  Quality, production conditions and materials are closely monitored and regulated. A single gap in the manufacturing process can have catastrophic consequences.  NetSource is on call.
  • Telecom
    With 5G on the horizon, NetSource is positioned to be a supply chain partner for many telecommunication OEM’s.  Mobile device + RF components, chipsets, wireless and landline infrastructure equipment and cables are just some of the countless products that enable telecoms to facilitate global communications.  NetSource has it in stock.
  • IoT (Internet of Things)
    It is forecasted that the total number of connected devices will reach nearly 27 billion by the end of this year, and 75 billion by 2025*.  Everything in our routine life has or is going to be connected to the Internet as the digital transformation continues to advance.  NetSource stocks + sources all IoT connectivity components. We can help. *statista
  • Aerospace
    The U.S. aerospace industry is the largest in the world.  It is complex and continues to rely on the millions of parts, components and devices that merit the highest level of attention.  NetSource is poised to effectively address our customers’ requirements, whether for a single part or a lengthy bill-of-material.