Agile Parts Procurement for a Mobile
Dominated World


The use of mobile devices will continue to dominate the way people communicate and consume information.  The commercialization of 5G alone will be a radical transformation to the global economy. It is expected that the proliferation of the 5G, cloud and IOT powerhouses combined will demand a redesign of almost every type of electronic hardware element associated with the technologies.  The components used in mobile devices will not only increase they will also constantly evolve.

5G – the demand is expected to surge. Are you ready?

5G is poised to be the most disruptive technology of the decade. Video conferencing, gaming, automated driving, telematics and a myriad of other applications are all teed up for empowerment by this landmark technology.

We keep a close eye on market trends, and we are prepared to help you fulfill aggressive demands by securing + delivering the parts that others can’t.

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We can locate and secure the mobile device components you require regardless of whether in production or obsolete status.

  • Audio input jacks
  • Camera modules sensors + lens
  • Capacitors
  • Front end RFID components components
  • GPS components
  • Inductors
  • Internal speakers
  • LCD/LED touch displays
  • LPDDR4X Memory IC’s/memory chips
  • Resistors
  • Touch sensors
  • Transistors
  • USB receptacles/USB-C + Micro USB receptacles
  • Wi-Fi components

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