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Inventory Management

We are a global procurement organization providing professional efficient procurement solutions to major OEMs and contract manufactures world wide.

Inventory Management Overview

With our proven Critical Parts Program, Programs for Asset Recovery and Quality Policy,NetSource is eager to move forward in this ever changing electronics industry. By partneringand offering special programs to our prime customers, we can focus on results and assuredsuccess. PAR turns excess, obsolete inventory into cash. Our proven PAR program is theperfect solution. PAR combines our market intelligence, internal systems andindustry demand to obtain the highest return on excess inventory.

  • + 100% Confidentiality
  • + Increased Cash Flow to the Consignor
  • + Maximized Return on Investment (ROI)
  • + On-Line System of Reporting
  • + All Product is 100% Insured
  • + Freeing-up your warehouse space
  • + Product Managed by Excess Professionals
  • + Increased Warehouse and Storage Facilities
  • + Consignment of Inventory You Still Own
  • + Worldwide Marketing of Product 24/7

How The Program Works

The Consignor provides NetSource Technology with a detailed excess inventory listing. A standard listing should information about your part including; part number, manufacturer, product date code, quality, and original unit cost. The Consignor may also include any additional information that would allow the Consignor to immediately identify the product.

Upon receipt of the consignment listing, the PAR Program Manager begins researchwork immediately on all high dollar line items to assess current worldwide market values based on supply and market demand per line item. Upon execution of the Consignment Agreement, NetSource requests Consignor to ship all marketable material to our facility. Product will be received, inspected and digitally photographed.

Asset Recovery

After a thorough current market evaluation of an excess list is completed, a “one time purchase” offer is made by NetSource to the CM or OEM.

One Time Purchase

High dollar and large quantity product remain at the OEM or CM the Consignor is to maintain dedicated warehouse space and staff to manage perform field stock checks and ship parts same day to Netsource. NetSource has the advantage of the exclusive posting ensuring the greater dcontrol of the market and greater return on investment for the Consignor.

Full Consignment

Upon execution of the Consignment Agreement. the Cosignor will ship all marketable product to Netsource facility. The product will be received, inspected and digitally photographed. This is the most beneficial program for the consignor. By providing the maximum return on investment, increasing warehouse space and increasing cash flow, you benefit greatly by having Netsource professionals manage of this product worldwide. Consignor maintains ownership of the inventory; at any time NetSource will ship any unsold line item at no cost to Consignor location worldwide.

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