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Level 1 Inspection

Level 1 Inspection

To help combat the problem of counterfeit product, NetSource has developed a thorough in-house Level 1 inspection and verification process for all materials received in our warehouse.

Our Level 1 inspection process includes the following for every component received:

  • Manufacturer packaging and label inspection
  • Barcode verification
  • Manufacturer datasheet, drawings, and specification validation
  • Digital imagery of components
  • Component surface testing
  • Marking permanency testing

Any product which does not pass the Level 1 inspection or is deemed to be suspect is immediately identified as non-conforming material and placed in quarantine. A product non-conformity report is generated and processed with regard to the non-conformity review and disposition.

These reports are reviewed by the NetSource Management team to categorize, quantify and analyze non-conformances to detect trends and identify the need for corrective and preventative actions.