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NetSource Technology, Inc. is a leading independent stocking distributor offering worldwide procurement services for electronic products. Since 1997, our team has worked with contract manufacturers and OEMs to provide them with effective supply chain solutions by sourcing hard-to-find, obsolete, end-of-life (EOL), and current components. Learn more about our procurement and sourcing capabilities, hard-to-find parts, and the industries we serve.

Component Procurement and Sourcing Services

NetSource boasts a global team of experienced, knowledgeable professionals who will go above and beyond to meet our customers’ needs, from sourcing to support. Additionally, we have built a wide network of trusted suppliers so that we can efficiently procure current as well as obsolete components. In our large onsite inventory, we stock only brand-new products from prominent manufacturers. Working with NetSource helps companies realize better business outcomes as our team can help alleviate the stress and lost productivity that product shortages or long lead times can cause.

Our continued commitment to quality assurance is evident through our ISO 9001:2015 and ANSI/ESD S20.20-2014 certifications and ITAR registration. NetSource is dedicated to ensuring that our customers receive personalized service to fit their unique situations. In the case of an emergency, we offer prompt responses and remediation as well.

Hard-to-Find and Obsolete Components 

There are numerous potential reasons why electrical, electronic, and electro-mechanical (EEE) parts may be hard to find, such as high product demand, production or supply chain interruptions, or obsolescence. As industrial sectors like telecommunication, aerospace, defense, and consumer electronics strive to keep up with ever-changing technology, these businesses are quickly phasing out older electronic components to make room for the new and the innovative. Worsening the situation is the fact that rising industry consolidation is projected to make more products obsolete. This can make it difficult for organizations to locate older or EOL parts for maintaining or repairing existing equipment.

However, just because a product is obsolete or highly allocated doesn’t mean it can’t be found. A good supplier can help procure these hard-to-find electronics components. At NetSource Technology, we specialize in locating critical electronic parts, such as wires, cables, semiconductors, integrated circuits, and connectors, to mention a few. We help businesses procure outdated, hard-to-find, or specialty aftermarket and OEM parts they need, when they need them, to support clients’ supply chains.

Industries We Serve

Utilizing our international supplier network coupled with our in-depth industry and product knowledge base, we provide comprehensive solutions for obsolete, hard-to-find, and EOL electronic components. The following are some core markets we serve:

  • Telecommunications. For more than two decades, the capable team at NetSource has worked hard to support the digital expansion of the telecommunications market by offering mature supply chain management solutions. We can help telecom clients, such as those taking part in the 5G revolution, to source parts quickly.
  • Internet of Things (IoT). Companies involved in the IoT must manage complex supply chains, procuring required components to ensure continued production and meet consumer demand for smart technology products. At NetSource, we are capable of assisting IoT businesses with fast procurement for tracking sensors, repair parts, and more.
  • Mobile devices. The rapid advancement of mobile technology and the transitioning of devices to 5G has made part sourcing operations increasingly complex. At NetSource, we closely monitor market trends so that we can be well-positioned to source current and obsolete device components that other suppliers can’t.
  • Medical. The medical industry relies on durable, high-quality electronic products to perform life-saving operations. At NetSource, our team is highly committed to sourcing reliable medical components to ensure proper performance in matters of life and death.
  • Aerospace. At NetSource, we know how important part quality and legitimacy are to our aerospace customers. This is why we maintain a zero-tolerance policy for counterfeit parts, in addition to carrying out visual, dimensional, and mechanical inspections.
  • Automotive. We are well aware of the global challenges facing the automotive industry, as vehicle manufacturers increasingly incorporate digital and autonomous technologies in their products. We have a wide range of suppliers to source materials for all types of on-board electronics.

Partner With NetSource Technology

Managing a complex supply chain through different suppliers can be costly and time-consuming, resulting in lost productivity. Working with NetSource Technology as your sole supplier for obsolete, hard-to-find, and long-lead-time components can streamline your operation and help safeguard against variations in product quality. Let our team take the burden of sourcing off your shoulders. Contact us today for more information on how NetSource can support your business with supply chain solutions.