Boost your operational efficiency and recover as much capital as possible.

When manufacturers have excess inventory due to obsolescence or market fluctuations, they are often faced with a problematic set of options. These may include tying up critical warehouse space, selling off inventory at less-than-ideal prices, or writing off inventory and disposing of it at the end of the year.

However, there is a better choice. Many companies have rediscovered value in their surplus products by hiring an excess inventory management solutions provider that holds the surplus inventory in their warehouses while searching for a premium buyer. These solutions help manufacturers boost operational efficiency and recover as much capital as possible.

Managing excess inventory can be difficult for any size organization.  NetSource boasts over two decades of experience managing inventories that provide our customers cost-saving and revenue-generating solutions. We leverage our deep industry expertise, internal systems and market demands to ensure customers yield the highest returns, with the highest level of integrity.

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NetSource can customize an excess management solution that meets all of your requirements. Working with us to control your surplus inventory will help you improve your bottom line and get a maximum return on your investment.

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Excess Inventory Management

There are multiple types of inventory management solutions, each ideal for particular situations. Common excess management options include:

  • Line item purchasing:  Surplus items are sold individually—this is both slow and costly.
  • Liquidation:  The entire excess inventory is sold at a bulk rate. While liquidation helps to quickly empty the warehouse, the items are sold at a steep loss.
  • Consignment:  Surplus inventory is transferred to a warehouse owned and operated by a third party, however, seller continues to own the transferred items until they are sold at the best available price.

Consignment provides the best return on investment (ROI).  Providers of consignment-based inventory management solutions offer a range of benefits, including:

  • Available storage space:  Emptying the manufacturer’s warehouses frees up critical storage space for new products.
  • Maintaining ownership:  The manufacturer continues to own the excess inventory until it can be sold at an optimal price point.
  • Networking:  Providers of consignment-based excess management solutions will have access to a wider market through their connections, enabling them to find buyers in national or global markets where surplus inventory may be more valid.
  • Research:  A professional inventory management solutions provider offers valuable market research and demand-supply analysis to find the best time to sell the excess inventory.


Excess Inventory solutions are used in a wide range of industries, including:


Excess Inventory Management From NetSource Technology


NetSource Technology is based in San Clemente, California and has more than 20 years of experience with excess inventory management systems and solutions. NetSource’s offices in China, India, and the United Kingdom provide access to global markets, 24 x 7 operations, and instantaneous reporting capabilities.

Our large warehouses, global reach, and inventory management systems enable us to quickly fill orders. We enforce an anti-counterfeit policy by inspecting and digitally photographing all items before stocking them. NetSource implements Level 1 internal and Level 2 third-party inspection programs to detect and reject counterfeit parts. We are ISO 9001:2015 certified, NSF certified, and ITAR compliant. The NSF and ISO certifications assure strict quality management across our service portfolio while ITAR compliance guarantees standards high enough to support critical defense applications.

NetSource can provide you with a custom excess management solution that suits your situation, be it consignment or liquidation services. Our two decades worth of experience in excess inventory management combined with our extensive global network gives us the ability to find end-of-life components and hard to find parts. Our response times for filling orders for these special items are unmatched.

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Custom Solutions

Regardless of your needs, NetSource can recover the value of your surplus inventory. From consignment sales to outright buy programs our solutions are 100% custom + confidential and developed to quickly and profitably liquidate stockpiles.



Global Network Marketing

NetSource will market your inventory to industry leading organizations and leverage a variety of distribution channels within our preferred + trusted global network to maintain momentum in getting your inventory sold.


Focus on Your Business

  • Ship inventory to our ISO 9001:2015 Certified facility
  • We’ll receive, inspect + digitally photograph the items
  • Products will be marketed globally 24/7
  • You maintain ownership.
  • Need your inventory back? We’ll ship it at no cost
  • Leverage 24/7 real time reporting

Have a unique inventory situation? No problem. We’ll handle the details so you can focus on your business.


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