Limited 5G deployments have already begun in some markets.  Widespread rollout is expected to take place throughout the 2020s which is right around the corner.  Couple 5G with the massive capabilities of IOT innovations, and the way we communicate and connect as a society will change as we know it.


“5G will be a game changer because it’s 100 times faster and will support 100 times more devices than current 4G networks,” according to the Cellular Telecommunications Industry Association.


Smart driving cars and cities, retail applications, wearables and washing machines – the use cases go on and on.  Here’s a few things you can do to streamline the hunt for business-critical, in demand parts while lessening the impact on your supply chain.


  • Building relationships: Think long-term regarding the organizations you need to build relationships with to ensure the proper turn-around time and authenticity of the parts you need.  What parts will you need quickly, and how far down the line should you plan to have immediate access to them?  It’s all about putting that shopping list together now. 5G and the IOT innovations they comprise are much different than the typical consumer electronics driving the market space today.
  • Quality assurance: Is it legit?  Authenticity is critical when it comes to the components that power these key little devices that rule our world. Work with partners that have mature programs in place, qualifications, industry certifications and collective experience to ensure authenticity.  


  • Quantity control: New infrastructure and standards will be required with 5G and IOT.  Redesigns will happen.  Get your BOMs in place way in advance.  Component availability times vary and as such the BOMs need to be stable prior to the products going to launch.


We have a unique perspective working across a variety of verticals for more than two decades.  We pace market trends and industry developments and when we see a gap in the market, we are ready to address.  There is no part too unique or quantity too big or small that we can’t work with. 

If you are ready to start investing in a partnership that will give you an edge and keep your business thriving, give us a call.

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